Build Your First Extension

Let's create a booking list extension. For any new extension, you have to know the directory structure first.

Building your first miniCal extension? Use the Boilerplate Extension to set up a new extension in a minute.

The Boilerplate Extension allows you to quickly setup a foundation for new minical extension. The Boilerplate includes a few demo pages that showcase how you can retrieve data from the miniCal database, how you can store custom data in the Posts table (similar to wordpress), and how you can store extension-specific settings and options in the options table (Similar to wordpress). Here's how the Boilerplate extension looks once installed:

Extension Directory Structure

This is the directory structure that miniCal follows for an extension, under the extensions folder create a minical-extension-boilerplate folder. You can download the boilerplate extension here Extension Boilerplate.

directory structure

For more real examples, explore our popular open-source extensions:

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