Docker Installation

Using Docker to run a Minical demo server

You need to have docker and docker-compose installed on your system.

Once installed, you can simply run:

$ cd docker
docker/ $ docker-compose up

This would download and build all docker images and will run all services.

You still need to create the .env file in the main directory as described in the Minical Installation instructions. You can copy the .env file from the docker directory into Minical's root.

NOTE that it is best to change the URLs in the .env file from localhost to your actual IP address. This is necessary to get some functions working, such as the Room Inventory page which makes internal calls to the site using the API interface.

For running the demo server using docker, you can simply run the following command in the main Minical directory:

$ cp docker/.env.example ./.env

or if you are in the docker directory:

docker/ $ cp .env.example ../.env

When everything is started, and the .env file exists in the Minical root directory, you can simply visit http://localhost:8080/public/install.php to continue with the Minical installation and setup.

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